October 28, 2015


Eminem's "Phenomenal" Video: Take a Long Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Eminem's action-packed "Phenomenal" is one of the more memorable music videos of 2015, and possibly the one that cost the most money to make. Now, almost four months after the Southpaw soundtrack single dropped its visual, we've got a nine-minute look into the four-day filming process.

The clip features about a half-dozen folks involved with the making, including actors Randall Park (Fresh Off the Boat, Veep) and John Malkovich ("[Eminem] is someone I have a lot of time for"). 

If you were wondering whether they actually flew around the world to film the stunt-tastic, explosion-happy "Phenomenal," the sad truth is they didn't. They hit Universal Studios and Ventura, California's Camarillo Airport.

Anyway—good luck finding something sillier today than Eminem lamenting to the camera, "I got a fuckin' boo-boo, dog."