October 27, 2015


Beyoncé Serenades Nicki Minaj with Prince "Darling Nikki" Riff

Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé, at least on the Internet, have been like this [crosses index and middle finger meaningfully, emphatically] since performing "Feeling Myself" together for the first time at Tidal's huge, live-streamed Brooklyn concert last week. The video appeared the morning after and tore up the internet. Yesterday, we got charming behind-the-scenes footage of the Queen Barbie and the Queen Bey goofily staring each other down in rehearsal.

Today, essentially as a promo to go watch the "Feeling Myself" performance on the Tidal app, we've got Yoncé singing a complimentary ditty about the wondrous Onika. Since neither Beyoncé nor Jay Z nor any artist alive, really, has failed to publicly admire Prince, said ditty follows the Purple One's "Darling Nikki":

I met this girl named Nicki
I guess you can say she was the rap queen
I met her in the studio lobby but her booty looked bigger in the magazines
She said 'B, will you jump on this song of mine?'
How could I resist when I heard little Nicki rhyme?

That's a decidedly family-friendly version compared to the Purple Rain original. But we can't say it's not cute; when these two superpowers appear in the same place, the resulting magic is as dependable as clockwork/envy-inducing Instagram pics.

An interesting side note here: Prince actually had to cancel his slot at the Tidal concert, which featured a vast array of talent including Lil WayneUsherNick JonasMeek MillVic Mensa and Big Hov. It was an unexpected move, since he's been one of the biggest advocates of Jay Z's streaming service, performing a Dance Rally 4 Peace concert in Baltimore in May and debuting both his new album and a string of one-off tracks exclusively on Tidal. Maybe he was just busy with Princestagram, his new Instagram account, already full of wonders.