October 19, 2015


Mike Myers & John Oliver Relive Kanye vs. George Bush, Canadian Style

Canada's elections for Prime Minister are today, October 19. On Sunday, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver was on the case. 

In a 15-minute segment, the reality of Stephen Harper—who has held the top office for nine years—being re-elected stood front and center.

After much discussion of troubling policies, and racially and religiously unsound moments enacted by the government in recent times, Oliver closed the bit by setting as Canadian of a scene as possible. It all built to, as the host said, "one of Canada's finest sons, Mike Myers, dressed as a Mountie, riding a snowplow. Yes; it doesn't get more Canadian!"

"There's lots I'd like to say," began the beloved Saturday Night LiveWayne's World and Austin Powers actor. "I love Canada, but the fact that it has a law banning outsiders from telling Canadians how to vote is one of the least Canadian things possible. Oh, and uh, don't vote for Stephen Harper."

"Exactly, exactly, don't do it," Oliver enthused. "And I'll tell you why: Stephen Harper doesn't care about black people." 

That split second of silence you heard? Mike Myers being transported a decade into the past, when Kanye West made the comment heard round the world, except about George W. Bush rather than Harper.

"Oh god—not again," Myers groaned. Oliver jumped into motion: "Sorry, my mistake. What I meant to say was: Stephen Harper doesn't care about Muslim people." 

"Totally fair," Myers agreed. "I think he made that pretty clear."

Relive the original Kanye moment below: