October 26, 2015


Watch Slipknot's Corey Taylor Smack a WWE Wrestler in the Face

WWE NXT, the WWE's "developmental branch," stopped in for Sacramento, California's Aftershock Festival over the weekend, which featured Marilyn MansonBring Me the Horizonthe DeftonesAll Time Low and more. Slipknot was also on the bill, and Corey Taylor paid a visit to the wrasslin' event to talk some smack.

According to esteemed metal journal Blabbermouth, Taylor "was trading barbs with WWE NXT wrestler Baron Corbin on social media in the weeks leading up to this weekend's match between Samoa Joe and Corbin." And, yeah, Mr. Slipknot wasn't just there to celebrate.

Blabbermouth breaks it down:

"Taylor had words with Corbin, and later, during the match, Corbin threw Joe into the stairs in front of Corey, Baron got in Corey's face and Corey slapped him. This got the biggest audience reaction of the match and allowed Joe to get the win."

With Corbin hulking out at 6' 8" and Taylor standing at 5' 7", it made for a pretty spectacular sight. In other wrasslin' news from the weekend, Brock Lesnar beat the Undertaker at Hell in a Cell. [James Hetfield–style "HEEYYYYYAHHHH!" sound.]