October 18, 2015


Watch Demi Lovato's Rapturous 'SNL' Performance of 'Stone Cold'

Demi Lovato made the most of her debut Saturday Night Live visit, performing a roof-rattling rendition of her two most recent Confident singles as well as delivering a transformative rendition of her new ballad, "Stone Cold."

The latter is the performance that everyone will be talking about beyond the weekend: Lovato took the stage wearing a black sleeveless top and proceeded to soar through the painful account of letting an ex move on. Her "Stone Cold" take is the type of performance that confirms everything Lovato's longtime fans already knew about her, but may open the former Disney star up to a much broader audience.

Her medley of "Cool For The Summer" and "Confident" also proved delicious, as the former was given an all-brass facelift and sounded absurdly fresh. All three songs come from Confident, Lovato's fifth studio album released on Friday (Oct. 16).

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