October 5, 2015


See First Episode of the 'Fear the Walking Dead' Web Series 'Flight 462'

The Walking Dead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead wrapped its six-episode first season on Sunday night. To hold us over until this coming Sunday's TWD season six premiere, the first installment of a 16-part web series titled Fear the Walking Dead – Flight 462 is here.

It's a mere minute-and-a-half, so there's a good chance this could be a patience-testing affair until all 16 clips are viewable as a whole, almost-episode-of-TV affair. But the intro's well done, and it's got us captivated.

Our teenage hero with the old school Bieber haircut is starting this journey on a plane his mother didn't make it onto. There's a mysterious-seeming woman sitting in front of the boy. A panicky man asks the flight attendant if flights are being grounded like his iPhone tells him. The teen, on the phone with his mom, hears some screaming and panic on the other end of the phone. And thaaaat's where the zombie mayhem starts, we can assume.

AMC describes Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 thusly: "A group of passengers experience the outbreak aboard a commercial plane." So this should get claustrophobic, interesting and gross real fast.