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Wap the Throne: Broken-Legged Fetty Performs on Golden Chair in NYC

The "Trap Queen" rapper broke his leg last month, but that hasn't slowed down his flow

Right after his debut album dropped at the end of September, Fetty Wap was involved in a motorcycle accident that left his leg broken in three places. But Fetty Wap never stops.

At Power 105.1's Powerhouse Concert at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, Fetty, a New Jersey native, showed up on a golden throne. "He kept his injured leg elevated and covered it with a Louis Vuitton blanket," the Fader writes.

NorthJersey.com reports that Fetty told the crowd, "This [accident] was real scary, you feel me, I ain't going to even lie. If I [mess] up, don't worry about it."

Watch above as the affable 24-year-old rips into "Again"; below, you've got "Trap Queen." At this point, we should share a chuckle at the fact that Dave Grohl, too, has been performing on a throne with the Foo Fighters for months, also for a broken leg.

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