October 16, 2015


Fluffy Fanatic: Get to Know Mariposa

After introducing Fluffy Breaks Even viewers to Gabriel Iglesias superfan Gil, Fuse managed to track down another Fluffy fanatic—meet Mariposa, who's referred to as a "hardcore fan" by Fluffy himself.

"I connect with his comedy because it's real life. A lot of stuff that he goes through we see it happen, we have it happen to ourselves. It's real," Mariposa tells Fuse. She revealed that she not only regularly attends meet and greets, but also rocks a necklace featuring Fluffy's name.

"I've met [Iglesias] 10 times now, and I'm starstruck every single time with him. He calls me 'stalker.'"

But when it comes to her Fluffy fanaticism, how far would Mariposa actually go? Would she tie the guy up...?

Watch the exclusive clip above to find out, and catch Fluffy Breaks Even every Thursday at 10/9c on Fuse!