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New Politics Talk Finally "Making It" to 'Guitar Hero'

The Danish rock band is stoked to be featured on the 'Guitar Hero Live' soundtrack. Catch the trio on tonight's 'Got Ur #' at 7/6c!

Guitar Hero Live has finally hit shelves, and the popular video game franchise didn't disappoint with its latest game soundtrack. Got Ur # tracked down Danish rockers New Politics—whose single "Harlem" is featured on the tracklist—to discuss the impact of Guitar Hero Live on both music fans and their own careers.

"It's incredibly cool to be a part of the new Guitar Hero Live," bassist Søren Hansen tells Fuse, admitting that the band had joked about "making it" onto the franchise soundtracks. "It's almost more impressive being able to play Guitar Hero skill-wise than it is to actually play a real guitar. And it so happens that I'm really excellent at both."

New Politics explained that the game allows fans to not only discover new music, but to also realistically play from a band's perspective and further connect musicians to fans.

"Everything is interactive, and everything happens online. There's all the social media and all these ways of being exposed. The more ways there are of being exposed, the bigger chance you have of being recognized," Hansen says.

"[Guitar Hero Live] is a great opportunity for bands like us."

Watch Fuse's exclusive interview above, and don't miss an all-new Got Ur # tonight at 7/6c!

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