October 26, 2015


Grimes Goes Full Pop in ‘Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream’ Video

Grimes, one of the most innovative pop artists of this decade, will continue pushing boundaries on Art Angels, her eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s Visions. On Monday we got two new songs in the form of one extended, eye-popping music video, titled “Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream.”

The video is predictably fantastical and unexpectedly bloody, with Claire Boucher partying and parading around in various wigs and costumes before the red rose petals become a knife in the gut. “Flesh Without Blood” is a vivid bubblegum showcase, while “Life in the Vivid Dream” is the atmospheric comedown, with Angel Grimes seemingly stalking Victorian Grimes until she disappears into a swimming pool.

Along with the new songs and video, Grimes also shared that Art Angels is arriving on Nov. 6, and will feature a Janelle Monae guest spot. Can she possibly top Visions? We’ll find out in less than two weeks.