October 15, 2015


See Jimmy Fallon Watch the Democratic Debate... as Donald Trump

Everyone and their mother had an opinion on the first Democratic debate on Tuesday night, and while Donald Trump publicly praised Hillary Clinton for her performance, Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show crew wondered what he was really thinking.

Imagining Trump watched the debate while gabbing with Republican contender/Hitler scholar Ben Carson (played by David Alan Grier), Jimmy Fallon brought out his spot-on impression of the GOP frontrunner for some choice commentary on the candidates and political showdown.

Throughout the sketch, "Trump" comments on Clinton ("Yassss queen"), senator Bernie Sanders ("All he does is yell. Do we really need a president who does nothing but yell?!") and his proudly politically incorrect competitor ("You keep making outrageous comments everyday, yet you're going up in the polls. Stop stealing my campaign strategy!").

Fallon nailed the impression, and the commentary, yet again. Watch above.