October 22, 2015


Jimmy Kimmel's 'Back to the Future' Reunion: Marty & Doc Think 2015 Sucks

Wednesday was a pop culture holiday celebrated the world over—Back to the Future Day, the date which the series' time-traveling DeLorean shot forward to in the second movie. As part of the festivities, we caught Michael J. Fox, now 54, and Christopher Lloyd, now 77, reuniting for a little...Toyota ad? It was good, but now we've got footage of the two, completely in character, visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live! for an almost-10-minute skit.

The gist is that Marty and Doc "time-traveled into the middle of my talk show," as Kimmel, who's spending a week taping in Brooklyn, explained. They moved on to the death of Johnny Carson, the prospect of viewers watching the show on their phones on their toilets, and the lack of flying cars and hoverboards.

"It seems like 2015 kinda sucks," Marty decides. It's tough for him and Doc to comprehend selfies, smartphones ("some sort of portable tele-computer casing device?") and the fact we still haven't achieved the fabled "peace in the Middle East."

Wrapping things up, Huey Lewis and the News jammed "Power of Love." That's how perfect this segment was. Back to the Future 4ever.