October 2, 2015


Little Mix Attend the Worst Prom in "Love Me Like You" Video

Not only was "Black Magic" Little Mix's biggest single to date, it was also their greatest music video. Who doesn't like watching our lovely ladies from across the pond kicking butt and taking names...with their magical powers?

"Love Me Like You" is the girl group's doo-wop channeling follow up single. Today, it's been given a video that's equally (if not more!) magnificent. 

The song documents non-relationships that follow a loving one: Each girl is seen with the man of their dreams, something goes awry, and they're stuck dating losers. That storyline is no new thing, so Little Mix amped it up by making their story take place at a really unfortunate prom. It's almost too relatable. 

Watch it above, then flip through our gallery of LM's 17 fabulous fashion moments.