October 21, 2015


Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" Gets a Japanese Rework

Michael Jackson's legacy knows no borders, and the latest must-see viral video further proves his influence.

This rendition of "Smooth Criminal" is played by Yoshimi Tsujimoto, a badass Japanese woman who professionally plays the bamboo flute (called a shakuhachi in Japanese) professionally alongside two women playing the koto (which is like a Japanese harp). Decked out in kimonos, the trio put a traditional Japanese twist on MJ's classic song, with fascinating results. Even with the old-school instrumentation, the original energy of 1988 single isn't lost as Tsujimoto nails every staccato note.

The performance is quickly taking off on YouTube, with the above video garnering nearly half a million views in the last five days. Yep, we're definitely adding to this to our ever-growing list of the best Michael Jackson covers since his death