October 9, 2015


Nick Jonas Is Really Going Through Some Stuff in the "Area Code" Video

Is the rapidly evolving Nick Jonas gunning for Future's spotDrake's throne, both, neither? The trappy beat and Auto-Tuned debauchery of "Area Code" are whispering yesto most of the above. But this song's been sitting on Soundcloud for a month (the only other track on the JoBro's account is his cover of Kanye's "Only One"), so let's focus on the new video first.

Nick Jonas is filmed in black and white, in a hoodie, hair and beard hyper-trim, doing Aubrey-ish moves in the snow (rain?), eventually pounding his head in frustration a few times. It ends with him going onstage to a crowd of zillions and leaving in a helicopter. Fin.

Cool, so that's the "Area Code" video. Let's look at those first lines, now:

I'm in your area code
I hit you up, are you alone?
So many places this could go
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
I'm fucked up, you don't even know
Maybe it's better that you don't
I'm guessing now my cover's blown 
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah

Add 40-ish plinking piano and a bobbling synth and we're basically walking straight down the hall to "Marvins Room." There are worse people to look up to than hip hop's two biggest titans, though, and "Levels" sounds nothing like this. We'll reserve judgment till Nick's follow-up to his 2014 self-titled drops in early 2016. Or till the next single.