October 22, 2015


Nico & Vinz Talk "Genre-Blind" New Album: Video Interview

Nico & Vinz are close to following up their breakout LP Black Star Elephant, and they want to make sure you're ready. In an exclusive sit-down with Fuse, the duo laid it all out.

"In the immediate future, getting this new EP out, new album out, that's what we've been thinking about," Vincent "Vinz" Dery explained. "Really just showing people the progress and the growth we've shown, and also us becoming better writers and performers as well. Better artists."

The Norweigan duo behind the smash hit "Am I Wrong" are looking to play to a generation they see as "genre-blind," largely thanks to the accessibility of music via the Internet and streaming services. Hear about all their plans in the interview above, then join us in patiently, excitedly waiting for the follow-up to this summer's "That's How You Know," featuring Kid Ink and Bebe Rexha.