October 19, 2015


Watch Ryan Adams Interview Taylor Swift about ‘1989’

A few weeks ago, Ryan Adams’ indie-rock re-imagining of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album occupied the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 albums chart along with Swift’s latest blockbuster full-length. Two artists, two versions of the same album… and now, one couch, shared while Adams interviewed Swift as part of her cover story package for GQ.

The conversation includes musings on their individual writing processes, Swift’s reliance on the Siri app, and what inspired the majestic 80’s pop of the original 1989. “For 1989, I would watch John Hughes movies,” Swift tells an awestruck Adams. “And I would think, ‘Okay, pause, freeze-frame, what’s she thinking in this moment? What’s he thinking in this moment?’”

The chat is frustratingly short — perhaps GQ will bestow us with a Part 2 soon? In the meantime, check out our thoughts on Adams’ 1989 covers album.