October 22, 2015


SKEE TV: Calm Before The Storm with Hot Chip

British electronic music group Hot Chip formed back in the year 2000. Only 15 or 16 years old at the time, the group would play shows at school. After graduating high school, the group started playing bars and pubs around the UK. As the group's music became more popular over the years, the size of the group has grown as well. “There’s seven of us on stage now. It’s become more electronic and synthesizer over the years,” says percussionist Joe Goddard.

Even though the group has been together for close to 15 years, they’re always trying to up the ante. “We try to improve on what we’ve done in the past in terms of the music we’ve released. We try to play better and deliver a better show," says Goddard. At this point, the group doesn't have much to improve on. "We’ve just got to the point where we sound pretty good. We’re pretty tight," says Goddard.