October 2, 2015


The Mixtape: DJ Skee on Where His Love for Music Came From

DJ Skee is known for working with some of the biggest hip hop artists in the industry like Snoop DoggThe Game and countless others – But where did his deep love for music come from?

In an exclusive interview, Skee sits down with Anthony Valadez and reveals while he was always into music as a kid, he didn't truly know music was what he wanted to pursue until he first got his hands on vinyl. At 15, he was using his dad's record player, along with a turntable he bought, in order to mix. "It was that moment when I realized this was what I was going to do. I feel in love with it," says Skee.

Skee also reminisces about DJ Stretch Armstrong taking him under his wing. Stretch was such a huge influence on Skee and the industry because his famous '90s radio show, The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show, which helped introduced BiggieNasWu-Tang ClanJay Z and many more iconic hip hop artists. "Being around all that, I was completely blown away," says Skee. Watch the full interview above now.