October 15, 2015


Stephen Colbert & Jack Black Create the Perfect Political Anthem

Picking a political anthem for your presidential campaign is probably hard. Who's to know if a given artist is even down with your policy? Recently, R.E.M. and Neil Young called out Donald Trump for using their tunes in conjunction with his campaign, and some not-so-nice words were exchanged. Poor Donald Trump (we guess)!

To solve this problem for all future American politicians, Stephen Colbert has written the ultimate campaign song, and performed it with his friend Jack Black on last night's Late Show. It's free to use, sheeple!

The song, titled "My Kind of America," is a pretty ridiculous country-rock anthem. Truth be told, it doesn't sound all that bad! Take note, Donald.

Listen above, then check out Black's Goosebumps rap video and peep hot shots of Tenacious D at the 2015 Amnesia Rockfest.