October 26, 2015


Spoiler Alert: Watch the 'Walking Dead' Death Everyone's Talking About

The Walking Dead has always been a merciless series, in both graphic novel and television show form. In Sunday night's episode—season six, episode three, titled "Thank You"—we were reminded how hard this post-apocalyptic world is all over again.

If you're a fan and need to rewatch, or a fan who said sayonara awhile ago, or just a looky-loo, the scene is now available via AMC. It's extremely graphic and will spoil the fate of at least one character.

Viewers are havinghard time accepting [character name redacted]'s death, as they did back in June with [character name redacted]'s death on Game of Thrones.

We've got a month to watch whatever's next unfold; The Walking Dead's midseason finale is November 29, after which it will return on...Valentine's Day 2016. How romantic!