October 9, 2015


Watch a Gory Supercut of the Most Creative 'Walking Dead' Zombie Kills

The Walking Dead has been running for five years. For 67 episodes. It's about a world overrun with zombies, and the survivors frequently need to re-kill those zombies—smash or penetrate their brains, to be honest—to survive.

So that's a fucking lot of dead zombies. And they get murked in all kinds of neat ways. The dedicated, iron-stomached folks at Fast Company's Co.Create even compiled them in the goriest video we've seen in at least 30 days.

"If there's a rock nearby," explains Co.Create's Joe Berkowitz, "a zombie is getting its skull crushed; if there's a chain-link fence, a zombie's face and brains are getting shoved through like one of those Play-Doh molds that kids make star shapes with."

Go ahead and enjoy all the happy memories of Rick, Michonne, Abraham, Carl, Glenn, Daryl and more stomping, smashing, running over, bayonetting, horse-pulling, throat-ripping, double decapitating and straight smushing zombie after zombie after zombie. (Sorry, walker after walker after walker.) 

The Walking Dead returns to AMC for its sixth season on Sunday night, October 11.