October 19, 2015


Watch Eddie Murphy Impersonate Bill Cosby Onstage (1)

Eddie Murphy, impersonating Bill Cosby, on a stage in front of an audience, in the year 2015? More unexpected things have happened, but not too many of them. The semi-reclusive comedy legend dropped an impression of the disgraced comedy legend while accepting the Mark Twain Prize at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. on Sunday night (Oct. 18).

“You know you’ve fucked up when they want you to give your trophies back,” Murphy deadpanned about Cosby, who has become a cautionary tale following numerous rape allegations. Murphy then assumed the infamous Cosby voice, and spouted, “I'd like to talk to some of the people who feel...that I should give my motherfucking trophies back!”

Back in February, Murphy appeared at Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary spectacular, where he performed some awkward stand-up… and refused to participate in a sketch that ripped Bill Cosby. Murphy, who has not performed a proper stand-up routine in decades, told the Associated Press on the red carpet on Sunday night, “Maybe not soon, but eventually, I’m dropping something else and telling jokes again and all that stuff. Eventually.”