November 9, 2015


5SOS' Michael Clifford Falls Offstage at Radio 1 Teen Awards: Watch

If you don't have an ear to the pulse of English pop culture, chances are you did not know BBC Radio 1 held their annual Teen Awards on Sunday evening. Think of it like the Teen Choice Awards, except performers are allowed to tackle three or four of their hits instead of a medley of one or two, and a few "teen heroes" are celebrated for giving back to their communities in real ways. It's basically awesome.

5 Seconds of Summer were asked to close out the night. Before launching into their opener of "She Looks So Perfect," guitarist Michael Clifford seemed to have miscalculated the stage's weird design and fell down. 

You can watch it in the above tweet around the 17 second mark. He gets up, but doesn't move around much for the rest of the performance. It looked really painful! He later tweeted that he'll be on crutches for a couple of days, but he's mostly fine. Get well soon, Clifford!

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