November 18, 2015


Adele Performs Two New '25' Songs at Radio City Music Hall

Adele hit New York's Radio City Music Hall on Tuesday night to film her upcoming NBC concert special. While Adele Live in New York City won't air until Dec. 14, today we've got previews (via Pitchfork) of a couple of the songs we're about to hear on 25. "Water Under the Bridge" sounds like the rare happy Adele song, another tune of reconciliation and moving on. The backup vocalists offer a peppy "say it ain't so / say it ain't so" line underneath.

Here's another look, one where you start to get just how catchy "Water Under the Bridge" will really be, via Instagrammer Gordon Bach:

Another new song, which may be "All I Ask," the penultimate tune on 25, is more in the ballad department:

And we just wouldn't feel good about ourselves today if we didn't offer your the almost-full-length performance of "Hello," which opened the show (and if we didn't remind you that "When We Were Young" is also available for you in live studio video form!):