November 23, 2015


Ally Brooke Hernandez on Fifth Harmony’s Next Album: ‘We’ve Had More Control’

The ladies of Fifth Harmony are preparing the full-length follow-up to this year’s Reflection, and when she’s not discussing her impactful work with March of Dimes, the group’s Ally Brooke Hernandez is more than happy to describe her excitement over 5H2.

“We’ve had more control over this album this time, as much as we can,” says Hernandez during a recent stop by Fuse. “And I would say that the album has more urban, pop, R&B and a little bit of reggae.”

The “Worth It” stars worked with Max Martin and StarGate on the new set, among others, and although Hernandez can’t share any details, she says that fans will be delighted by what they hear. “It’s going really well, and this will show a different side to us — kind of more emotional, but also a little edgier, too,” she says. “We’re just talking about girl power and love and heartbreak and also just having a good time with your friends.”

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