November 11, 2015


Ashley Monroe: Pistol Annies Comeback "Definitely Brewing" (Interview)

On her own, Ashley Monroe is one of country-pop's most beloved sweethearts, but alongside Miranda Lambert and Angaleena Presley, she's one third of the badass female outfit Pistol Annies. While she's been busy with summer's The Blade album, which showcased Monroe's evolution as a songwriter, she says a recent string of live dates have the trio itching to get together.

"It's definitely brewing," she tells Fuse. "We've been missing each other a lot. We recently went on a run with Miranda and we all had chills every night walking up onstage. We have a lot of song ideas going. I feel like it's soon."

But Monroe adds that their process has never centered around intricate planning or any type of need to record new material:

"You know, Pistol Annies started out that it was just organic. Me and Miranda thought of it on a couch, she had never met Angaleena, and we called her and got started. That's the thing with us, we never want to force it. If we're too busy, then don't force it, they'll be a time when things let up a little bit, then we'll make more music."

In the meantime, we'll have to stay satisfied with the trio's excellent pair of albums, 2011's Hell on Heels and 2013's Annie Up.