November 20, 2015


David Bowie Releases Stunning, Scary 10-Minute 'Blackstar' Video

David Bowie has always been and always will be a performer, through and through. He's never sat still, never boxed himself in as a rock artist or a soul-leaning singer or a weird-movie actor. He does it all, and he's done it all again in the 10-minute short film for "Blackstar," the title track off his 25th studio album, due Jan. 8.

A girl with a catlike tail, a bejeweled skeleton astronaut, herky-jerky dancers, Bowie's bandaged face with terrifying black dots for eyes: The imagery is boundlessly nightmarish and inventive.

And the song is incredible. “If we’d used David’s former musicians they would be rock people playing jazz,” producer Tony Visconti told the New York Times of Bowie's new album's extra-experimental sound. “Having jazz guys play rock music turns it upside down.”

"Blackstar" was directed by Sweden's Johan Renck, who has worked on Breaking Bad, Vikings and a new European series, The Last Panthers, which uses this very tune as its theme song.