November 17, 2015


Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke Hernandez Talks World Prematurity Day: Interview

When Ally Brooke Hernandez isn't belting out those big diva notes in America's greatest girl group, Fifth Harmony, she's doing all she can to give back. Hernandez is working with March of Dimes and educating others on premature babies and dangers that face them. She told Fuse:

"I am so excited because I am partnering up with March of Dimes and what they're doing is that they're helping families and premature babies. A lot of babies who're premature have an increased risk of having a lot of health problems in the future. I was actually a premature baby. I weigh one pound, 14 ounces and I could fit into my dad's palm. That's how tiny and completely fragile I was! That's why it was so important for me to partner up with March of Dimes, to be able to help other families."

So why are we learning about this right now? World Prematurity Day! The fifth annual awareness event is Tuesday, November 17. Hernandez explains:

November is the Premature Awareness Month and it's going to be celebrated in 100 different countries all around the world. The girls [Fifth Harmony] and I have really, really tight schedules but it's really important for me to utilize this platform, just in general, to be able to help people. Knowing my family's experience, [I] just want to make sure to help out whenever I can. Wether it's through social media, making people more aware. It's really cool that we have a lot of followers on Twitter and just a lot of fans in general so it's awesome to be able to bring awareness to different causes and this is mine.

Want to help? She's got you covered:

How people can help is by going to the website, which is or you can go to the Facebook page, and you can get involved. You can donate, you can volunteer, you can help premature babies like me! 

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