November 5, 2015


Alfred and G Reilly Enter Deep Fry Heaven with Chicken Charlie

The season finale of Fluffy Breaks Even sends Gabe, Rick, Martin, Alfred and G Reilly to the famous LA Fair, where they're introduced to Chicken Charlie's jaw-dropping menu of fried goodness.

To gain a thorough understanding of how Charlie creates his most notable fair foods, Alfred and G Reilly go behind the scenes for an exclusive look at the Krispy Kreme triple decker cheeseburger, deep fried Kool-Aid and deep fried SlimFast bar.

Looking for a healthy deep fried food option? Just take a "perfectly healthy" SlimFast bar, dip it in batter, fry the hell out of it, and drench it in chocolate syrup and powdered sugar! And for those feeling a bit nostalgic for their childhood drink of choice, Kool-Aid, Charlie has you covered with his fried mixture of Kool-Aid powder and flour.

But the ultimate Chicken Charlie's food item is the intimidatingly tall Krispy Kreme triple decker cheeseburger, which will surely put fair-goers into a food coma.

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