November 4, 2015


Watch the Foo Fighters Serenade Italy Following Viral Video Stunt

If you build it, they will come. So goes the tale of 1,000 diehard Foo Fighters fans and their "Rockin' 1000" campaign. If you haven't been following this story of fandom and musicianship, here's the scoop: Last summer, one thousand Foo Fighters fans came together in the northern Italy city of Cesena to perform the band's hit "Learn to Fly." The goal was to get the Foo Fighters to come to Cesena, an effort that worked for Richmond, Virginia in 2014.

Last night, the band delivered and performed at a small venue called Carisport. Dreams do come true!

“To see you people singing our song for the whole fucking world, to me, it’s the greatest moment of my life,” Dave Grohl told the crowd. “Of course we couldn’t say no. We had to come. You trapped us--we had to come here.”

Watch it above, then read our not-so-brief history of the Foos' obsession with Queen and check out 10 must-know Foo Fighter facts.