November 13, 2015


Future Scorches 'Jimmy Kimmel' With "Blow a Bag" & "Where Ya At": Watch

If you're still not sure what's going on with the whole #FutureHive movement, you're about to get it, or at least get a step closer. If you're an established Hendrix head, well—happy Friday.

Just like at his dangerously packed, sure-to-be-career-defining Made in America setFuture spit through his Jimmy Kimmel Live! set on Thursday night with nonstop confidence—no leaning back for the hypeman's ad-libs or the live band's full coverage—and the crowd turned up the requisite amount.

Wearing what might've been a Yeezy trench, Futch burned through Dirty Sprite 2's "Blow a Bag," and then "Where Ya At," the Drake-featuring cut that went Drakeless this time around. As for all the times the sound drops out, Stereogum's on-point with the observation that Future's "songs are grimy as fuck, and he doesn’t seem that interested in cleaning up his lyrics for broadcast."

Future's having a helluva week, having released "Last Breath," his own triumphant take on the Rocky theme; the single's being used to promote Creed, the Michael B. Jordan–starring spinoff flick coming later this month.