November 5, 2015


Grindcore Grandma: Watch This 67-Year-Old Front A Metal Band

To find success in the music industry, you really have to stand out. Everyone has heard everything before, so you really need to bring some special to the table. Whoever asked their 67-year-old grandma to front a grindcore band, therefore, was truly thinking outside the box. Meet The Grindmother! Who doesn't love a good pun?

Last December Canadian grindcore band Corrupt Leaders asked one of the members' moms to scream over a track. It didn't make their record, but a new band was born--with a singer who only goes by "The Grandmother."

It sounds super schtick-y, because it is. And it's great. Listen to "Any Cost," above, meet your new favorite band. 

When you're done there, click through out gallery of metalcore hottie selfies and read up on the new class of post-hardcore. Who knows? Maybe The Grindmother will make the cut one day.