November 9, 2015


Nico & Vinz Break Down New Hit "That's How You Know": Video Interview

Sometimes the greatest songs are accidents: You're just jamming with your friends, and inspiration arrives out of nowhere. So goes the tale of Nico & Vinz's latest banger, "That's How You Know." Nico Sereba of the group told us in interview:

"The inspiration behind the song is really simple. We were in the studio and we were recording other songs, actually. We were writing. We had some friends there and some songwriters in the studio and we were just making music. Then we took a break and something happened. I can't remember exactly what but someone started singing, 'That's how you know you messed up,' because someone had lost something or messed up. Something had happened. All of the sudden, we both started singing it. 'That's how you know'...'Yo! Let's put a guitar on that.' With the guitar on there, [we] recorded it and we were like 'Hey, this is actually pretty cool.' After that, [we] wrote the verses pretty quick. That same day! [We] sent it around to people and people were really excited about it so we said, 'Let's put it out.' "

You might have noticed there are a few guest verses on the tune: Pop-rock artist Bebe Rexha and rapper Kid Ink make appearances on the song. It's an unlikely pairing, but one that works. Vincent Dery explains:

"We got Bebe Rexha on it, Kid Ink as well. Bebe, for example, is super up-and-rising. She's an incredible talent. She just has this kind of presence and coolness and rawness in her voice, artistry. When she sent it back and we heard it I was like, 'Ah, this is crazy.' Kid Ink as well. He's been around for a while but he's one of those hot guys in hip hop right now. It felt like good chemistry, the low. So we thought, 'Hey, let's put this out.'"

The weirdest bit about it all isn't even the strange (yet totally awesome!) collaborations. It's the inspiration behind the song: "The song we were actually inspired by was "Because I Got High" by Afroman. That's what it was!" Vinz continues. "We sat there like, 'This is like Afroman.' How funny those lyrics are! That was the lane we sort of went for."

Weird, right? Watch the full interview above, then check out an exclusive clip in which the dynamic duo detail their upcoming album.