November 24, 2015


Jimmy Kimmel Trolls 'Star Wars' Fans With Lie Witness News Segment

Jimmy Kimmel Live! faked out One Direction fans by putting them through a Lie Witness News segment last week. The gimmick puts the unknowing denizens of Hollywood Boulevard in the tricky position of speaking on news and rumors that the Kimmel! team has completely fabricated.

On Monday night, it was Star Wars’ turn. “He’s a real outspoken person," says the first interviewee when asked if Kylo Ren—the new baddie from Episode VII – The Force Awakens—is a good leader for North Korea. "He’s nice and he know how to cover for his people and all that.” Well, he does have that extra-special lightsaber...

Ewoks, Admiral Ackbar, Mace Windu, Emperor Palpatine, Endor, Count Dooku, Hoth—nobody on camera catches any of the references. That itself isn’t the hilarious thing—not everyone’s a Star Wars nerd! It’s the way these folks respond to every topic with total confidence and authority. 

In the end, the reporter goes too far with a Jabba the Hutt question. “Wasn’t he from Star Wars?" the gent asks. "These questions are all about Star Wars, aren’t they? I just realized.”