November 17, 2015


Joe Budden Says He's "Gotta Come Back" to Reality TV

Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden joined Love and Hip Hop in 2013 and hasn't strayed far from the reality TV game since. In October, he showed up with girlfriend Kaylin Garcia on VH1's sixth season of Couples Therapy.

"I know that they put you in some situations," Budden told Fuse of the not-especially-daunting reality TV process, "but I know how to carry myself and conduct myself in any situation."

He says filming Couples Therapy was a positive experience. "The goal in that house was to provide help, and to provide a service to people. So that was a much different objective than Love and Hip Hop."

Budden's not done with the format, either. "I gotta come back," he said, laughing. "I gotta come curse people for the way that they spoke about me while I was gone. ... You better believe it, I'm comin' to cause hell, unless they edit it out."