November 16, 2015


Watch John Oliver’s Profanity-Filled Response to the Paris Attacks

Over the past three days, prayers and moments of silence have been offered across the globe to those affected by the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night (Nov. 13). Last night, John Oliver offered neither of those things.

On Last Week Tonight on Sunday (Nov. 15), Oliver began by giving a quick recap of the attacks—and relying heavily on HBO’s freedom of (profane) speech.

“We know this attack was carried out by gigantic fucking assholes,” Oliver said. “Unconscionable, flaming assholes; possibly working with other fucking assholes; definitely working in service of an ideology of pure assholery.”

He ended the short segment with a salute to everything that makes Paris’ history-steeped culture so divine. “If you’re in a war of culture and lifestyle with France, good fucking luck, because go ahead, bring your bankrupt ideology,” he said. “They’ll bring Jean-Paul Sartre, Edith Piaf, fine wine, Gauloises cigarettes, Camus, Camembert, madeleines, macarons, Marcel Proust and the fucking croquembouche! You just brought a philosophy of rigorous self-abnegation to a pastry fight, my friend. You are fucked.”