November 9, 2015


Judith Hill Hopes 'Back in Time' Will Help Fans Through Hard Times: Interview

Recently we heard what it was like for singer-songwriter Judith Hill to record her debut solo album with Prince at his Paisley Park Studios; now, we're learning a little more about what the music of Back in Time means to her.

"It's autobiographical in some ways," she says of the record. The LP's cover art shows a baby Hill at a piano, and the singer-songwriter tells Fuse that she's been writing songs since age 4.

In our interview, Hill got into the meanings behind songs like "Jamming in the Basement," "Turn Up," "Beautiful Life" and "Cry Cry Cry." The opening track, "As Trains Go By," is "a political statement about the social injustices that have happened this year, especially with police brutality," she says. Hill's goal for the song was to encourage the African-American community to "rise up and celebrate during hard times--music is a powerful way to get through and bring people together in the midst of all the things going on, especially this year."

Back in Time is available on iTunes now.