November 6, 2015


Judith Hill on Recording Debut Album With Prince: "His Bar Is So High"

Judith Hill dropped her debut solo album earlier this year, and she didn't do it alone. The singer/songwriter worked closely with Prince at his Paisley Park Studios in Minnesota, to bring Back in Time to fruition. They wrote together and arranged a large batch of songs Hill had written prior to the sessions.

"His bar is so high that you just want to become the best version of yourself and grow and grow and grow," the L.A.-based Hill tells Fuse. "It was so inspiring to really be able to hone in as a musician."

Hill also told us about studying classical composition as a student, and how she's still following that road. "I'm getting ready to work more with symphonic orchestras," she says, teasing a tour in that vein. "What's fun about that is integrating the genres. So you've got the soulful singing, and big orchestral arrangements of funk and soul music."

*An earlier version of this article incorrectly placed Paisley Park studios in Michigan instead of Minnesota.