November 20, 2015


Meek Mill's "Lord Knows" Video Spoils 'Rocky' Spinoff Movie 'Creed'

Most sports fans clown Philadelphia as a city with no “real life” champion. Gone are the days of Dr. J. The biggest sports icon in Philly’s modern era is Rocky Balboa! That being said, the movie Creed is a huge deal for a city whose sports franchises are at the bottom of their leagues.

The brightest star coming out of Philadelphia these days is rapper Meek Mill. He too is having a rough year, having taken the most embarrassing loss in hip hop’s recent memory in his battle with Drake. Much like the major disappointment that beef was for all Meek fans, once again Meek disappoints with his new "Lord Knows" video.

The visual, directed by Spike Jordan, shows what looks to be the entire plot of the new Rocky spinoff movie, Creed, in sequential order. Spoiler alert! Creed gets into a fight. Then he gets locked up. Rocky bails him out and starts training him. While training, Rocky has what looks like—y'know, better stop there, or we're just as bad as Spike and Meek.

At the end of the day we don’t know how the movie ends, but we for sure know how the story goes. Thanks, "Lord Knows."