November 18, 2015


Melanie Martinez Shares "Soap"/"Training Wheels" Double Video

If you're unfamiliar with Melanie Martinez, well, that's about to change. The young singer-songwriter sports an easily identifiable childhood aesthetic, one that seeps into all of her songs. It's all about nostalgia and sweetly sad sentiment.

Today she's unveiled a double feature of her biggest songs to date, "Soap" and "Training Wheels," both from her Crybaby album. Watch it above.

It begins with a dark bathroom, a boy disrobing and sitting in a bath tub. Someone tosses a toaster in it and he dies. When the video moves into the next song, he's seen riding a bicycle with Martinez. Is it heaven? An alternate reality? 

Press play and find out! Then click through our list of the 12 young women who are completely changing pop music.