November 10, 2015


Nico & Vinz on Philanthropy & Working with Zendaya: Interview

When Nico & Vinz aren't calling on the likes of Bebe Rexha and Kid Ink for their creative and slick new hits, they're doing important philanthropic work. Vincent "Vinz" Dery explained to Fuse in a recent sitdown:

"Early on in this, as we started we always had an idea: We wanted to use our voices for something other than singing. Once we got the opportunity we thought 'Let's just do it. Let's go out there.' For us, too, apart from helping and being a part of spreading awareness around the causes, it's just a really good experience for us. It really levels you. You move to go to a village in the Ivory Coast and see how people live there, the love and the energy, it's just a good balance to have in life. We've been working with UNAIDS just wherever we feel we can pitch in."

So it was truly in the United Nations' AIDS initiative that N & V found a home. Nico Sereba continues:

Maybe we were philanthropists in our minds but we didn't really have the power to do anything before we broke out internationally and had bigger voices. After we blew up, we wanted to use our voice for something positive and help people in need. When we were invited to UNAIDS to see some of the work they had done, what really struck us when they showed us the statistics around AIDs...the fact that we can get rid of the disease AIDS by 2030. It inspired us to see that there's an end to this. There can be an end to this if we really take action right now. 

The best part? The guys got to see the work in action. Vinz details a recent trip they took:

We went to South Africa, too, in July with Zendaya, actually. We went for ten days and we got to see some of the activities they've been doing as well. As Nico said, it really fueled us to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let's try to mobilize our fans and our people and see what we can do as far as awareness and getting people tested.

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