November 20, 2015


Watch One Direction Fans Happily Weigh in on Fake 1D News

Jimmy Kimmel brought One Direction on for an interview (hiatus talk; potato chat) and a whopping five performances. But he also sent an interviewer out to Hollywood Boulevard to get Directioners to weigh in on completely fabricated 1D info.

Among the topics, which all interviewees were happy to speak on: Zayn Malik's new "InZayn in the Membrane" tattoo, Harry Styles' unrepentant uncleanliness and Niall's new glasses made from ivory harvested off baby elephants.

Our favorite's probably the vicious—and, again, totally made-up—news about how Liam loves to adopt puppies, only to give them away after a single week. "I don't think it's right," says a tentative fan, "but, I mean, at the same time, if he doesn't want the puppy, at least he gives it away to somebody who does."

The whole thing's gold. You can also watch all five of One Direction's Jimmy Kimmel Live! performances right here.