November 18, 2015


Watch One Direction Awkwardly Talk About Zayn, Play 'Never Have I Ever'

One Direction stopped by Ellen yesterday to perform "Drag Me Down" and chat with the beloved host. Everything seemed to be going smoothly... until she inquired about Zayn Malik's departure. 

When DeGeneres asked if they knew the story would be as big as it was, Harry Styles mumbled, and the rest of the group nodded. When she asked if they knew it was coming, Louis Tomlinson said, "I think we kind of had a feeling." Liam Payne reassures the crowd that he's spoken to Malik since the departure, and Styles giggles and adds, "You could cut the tension in here with a knife ... Let's make some jokes!" 

He's not wrong. Watch it above! To lighten the mood they play a game of Never Have I Ever and things got silly. You can watch that clip below.

Ellen makes a few jokes at Harry's expense--namely, that he's had Taylor Swift songs written about him,and  that he's made out with people twice his age (Let his affinity for older women never go undocumented.) He also reveals that he's hooked up with a fan before. It's adorable, they're adorable, all is right in the world. 

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