November 23, 2015


New 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Clip: Watch The Explosive Footage

Sunday night's American Music Awards aired on ABC, a company conveniently owned by Disney, meaning we got our 150,000th glimpse at Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. (Twitter wiseman Desus Nice noted the flick's "been coming out for like 5 years.")

And the clip—pulled straight from the film, without trailer or teaser dressing—was SO good!

In a mere 15 seconds that manage to amplify our pulse by a factor of 15 each time we watch, Daisy Ridley's Rey leads John Boyega's Finn in a run across the desert sands of Jakku. (Seriously, it's not Tatooine.) Even though it's almost all adrenaline and explosions, we actually do learn that Rey is capable of flying a giant spaceship.

So...will Rey be the Millennium Falcon's new captain? Honestly, she could pilot a dumpster around the galaxy for the full 135-minute runtime and it wouldn't spoil the experience for us. By the way: Did you hear the word last week that Star Wars movies are now set to premiere every year in perpetuity