November 1, 2015


Watch Sufjan Stevens Cover Drake's "Hotline Bling" Live

Sufjan Stevens hit Jersey City on Saturday night and had a venue-wide Halloween costume for everyone. Because when that hotline bling, even the indie-est of indie rock crowds can transmogrify into a Drake-y dance party. (Often far goofier than your average sockhop.)

As you'll see in the clip above, magical quantities of hilarity and funkiness took over as Sufjan & Co. jammed to Drake's smash single, currently sitting at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. (Adele's huge comeback, "Hello," is coming for you, though, Drizzy, like it or not.) Stick around for that kooky synth breakdown in the last 30 seconds. Pure fuego.

Not only was the cover faithful and played for the song's full duration—they also jammed in front of a wall featuring projections of the now-iconic pink-and-white "Hotline Bling" artwork...and Aubrey Graham's own Blue Steel–ish visage. (Flashback to Drake round-three-ethering Meek Mill in front of a wall of beef-memes over the summer.) Recent high-profile "Hotline Bling" covers have come from Justin Bieber and Erykah Badu.

Stevens is out on the road supporting his seventh studio album, March's Carrie & Lowell. He's touring till November 13, where he'll wrap up in Ohio. Dates here, and fingers crossed he's doing his "Hotline Bling" cover every night from here on out—unless he wants to do it every other night, alternating with "Hello."