November 30, 2015


Tom Hanks Already Recording Dialogue for 'Toy Story 4'

On Pixar’s sequel-heavy slate, Toy Story 4 is tied with The Incredibles 2 as the most exciting. (Then Finding Dory. Cars 3 is unranked.) It’s not due for another three years, but Tom Hanks is already hard at work, meaning it’s seriously happening. Where Woody goes, we follow.

“We’re now recording Toy Story 4,” he said on the U.K.’s Graham Norton Show, starting at 1:30 in the clip above. “So we’re doing that. It’ll be out in 2018, as a matter of fact, so it takes a long time.” He went on to reveal he will have a session—which typically lasts four-to-five hours—on Wednesday, Dec. 2.

The movie will be co-written by actors Will McCormick and Rashida Jones; they have one prior feature screenplay credit, together, for the 2012 indie Celeste & Jesse Forever.

An eight-year wait between Toy Story 3 and 4 is tough, but at least it’s not as rough as the 11 years between the second and third. The gap between Finding Nemo and Finding Dory will number 13 years by the latter’s release next year; the wait between The Incredibles and its sequel will have been 15 interminable years by the 2019 premiere.