November 2, 2015


Joywave Talk 'Writing Songs To Not Lose My Mind' at Voodoo 2015

For indie bands, touring never ends. Record sales just don't cut it anymore, so you've got to get out there and make your name known to succeed. Some cities are more giving than others, and some are certainly more memorable: So goes the tale of New Orleans, where the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience was held in City Park last weekend. 

"We played New Orleans one other time, about a year ago, around October with a band called St. Lucia at a place called Republic and it was a blast," Joywave drummer Paul Brenner kicks off the conversation. "That was our first taste of New Orleans."

A club gig doesn't come close to the size of something like Voodoo, where the guys were more than stoked to land an early afternoon slot time. "The crowd was awesome and the over all sense of the festival was awesome," frontman Daniel Armbruster tells Fuse. "There were a lot of costumes. The set went pretty well." Brenner agrees, "The rain didn't start until immediately after we finishing playing. Perfect timing. It's super surprising to me to hear fans singing along. That's crazy. It's cool. It gives me goosebumps."

To be invited to Voodoo, your music has to measure up. For Joywave, it's all about their debut record, the relatable How Do You Feel Now?. Armbruster detailed it for us:

"The record was probably written over the course of 2010 to 2014. It documents my post-college experience, everyone growing up....You got to college, you get a job, you start life. All of us went to college and there were no jobs and no life to start so we kind of had to figure everything ourselves. The way that I dealt with that was by writing songs."

Is that not the ultimate tale of the millennial? Watch the full interview above, click here for all our Voodoo coverage and make sure to flip through our hot shots from the fest.