November 1, 2015


Peaches on Earning "Important Artist" Status, Recording Her Best LP Yet

Ontario electro veteran Peaches took the time to chat with Fuse at Voodoo Music + Arts Experience 2015, and damn was she frank. On her still-rising popularity, the inspiring artist who's been at it since the early '90s told us, "People used to think I'm weird, now they call me important, so that's kinda fun. Thanks for catching up with me, world."

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And what's her take on her new record, September's Rub?

"I think it's my best yet. I don't even think—I know it is. If you think of [2000's] Teaches of Peaches, which was my first album, musically I got to do the things I wanted to do—I could use all the nastiness and the harsh sounds, but I could never get the deep bass, great quality. Now I was able to do that with technology."

And yeah, Peaches loves every song on the record, which features Sonic Youth rocker Kim Gordon, fellow Canadian Feist ("an old friend of mine, we used to be roommates") and her niece, Simonne Jones, who she promises we'll learn more about in 2016. 

P's also pumped she put out tracks with grab-you-by-the-collar names like "Dick in the Air," "Vagionplasty" and "Dumb Fuck." (That one's "actually quite a pop hit, really.") 

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