November 18, 2015


'Zoolander 2' Trailer Targets Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus & More Pop Stars

September marked another year—the 14th year—since Zoolander's 2001 release. The sequel's been germinating for at least half that time, with glimpses finally materializing in 2015. First Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, in character as Derek and Hansel, crashed a runway at Paris Fashion Week. Then a voiceover-heavy first trailer had Stiller's empty-headed model asking, "If God exists, then why did he make ugly people?"

Today's the first true trailer, and it confirms that Justin Bieber's hype about having a parkour sequence and being "the first thing you see in the movie" is true. The plot will revolve around a plot to assassinate "the world's most beautiful people," many of whom—Miley CyrusDemi LovatoLenny KravitzUsher, Bieber—have been found dead with the infamous Blue Steel stare on their perfect visages.

The Zoolander 2 script comes from Justin Theroux, star of The Leftovers and co-screenwriter on Iron Man 2, Rock of Ages and Tropic Thunder. While the franchise's humor still seems sharp, and Will Ferrell's Mugatu is back, we're waiting to see if this one feels like an early '00s artifact or a vital 2016 comedy. We'll find out in February. Newcomers Benedict Cumberatch, Kristen Wiig, Penélope Cruz and Kanye West (!) should help.